I voted today… :o)

It was exciting today voting for the first time in my new adopted state of Texas.  Things were a bit different than in the cornfields.  It was my first time using an electronic voting machine.  I was really surprised by all of the campaign signs and people campaigning so close to the polling places.  It was also the first time that I voted early.  I was working the afternoon shift today, so I went before work and waited in line maybe 5 minutes at the  most.  I’ve heard reports of people standing in line 1+ hours after work when trying to vote.  Next Tuesday will just be crazy.

I have voted in every election since becoming eligible to vote with the exception of one year when I moved and didn’t change my voter registration.  It’s just something that’s been ingrained in me since childhood. 

I also took my Honda in for an oil change today to the Honda dealership.  The little wrench lit up on my dashboard letting me know it was time for service.  Service waiting room was very nice, free snacks and a big screen TV.  I loved the part on the news when they showed all of the snow.  I snorted to myself…heh heh heh–I won’t miss that.  I started a mindless knitting hat and just enjoyed my 20 or so minutes there. Not only was it fast and reasonably priced by my car had been washed when I got it back. 

I’m going to check at the complex office tomorrow night to see if and when there is trick or treating in the apartment complex.  I have two cute little girls in the apartment above me, I’m going to put together something special for them for Halloween. 

Today’s Question:  What was your best Halloween costume ever?

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