Where in the world would you like to visit?

Sara, inspired today’s blog post with her savings plan to head to Europe. Talk of SXSW popped up on Twitter and I set my sights on that as one of my travel destinations for 2009.  While searching for airline ticket prices at Travelocity I decided to set up fare watches for 10 destinations…

In no particular order the list has started with…

SXSW is definitely an achievable goal for 2009-if the computer conversion at work isn’t that weekend.

St Louis
Two of my favorite trips in 2008 were to visit @Mongo, @GeekDave and all of the other midwest gathering crazy people.  I want to go back.

I’m sure there will be a trip back to the cornfields in 2009..not sure when.

I know that @LoganDawg is missing me

Fort Lauderdale
Those crazy friends of mine in south Florida make me want to visit–often!

This is my daughter’s island n Hawaii..I’d love to go spend some time with her this year.

Las Vegas
I’ve never been..think I need to see the bright lights in 2009

New Orleans
I’ve never been, another place that’s close that I would love to experience.

Lake Tahoe
A postponed celebration with my buddy in Florida to see this beautiful part of the country.

Colorado Springs
I’ve never been there, but really want to see the scenic vistas of Colorado.

If you would have told me last year at this time that in 2008 I would have visited, Miami, Washington-DC, St. Louis, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio I would have laughed at you. Not to mention that I would be living in the Dallas area.  The nice thing about living here is being so close to a major airport.  It offers me all sorts of opportunities for trips to different parts of the world. 

I’m still planning to take a trip back to the Hill Country of Texas…to follow the route that I took 5+ years ago when I first fell in love with the state.  2009 is shaping up to be a busy travel year if I accomplish all of these spots.

Just where would you love to travel to in 2009?


Come on..dream a little..dream a lot…


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