Baking queen…

I seem to be baking a lot of cookies these days.  For the first training class I did 5 weeks ago I baked cookies for their last day of class, and gave them to them jut before they took the test.  I put the cookies in shamrock bags, and told them they were good luck cookies for the test.  A tradition seems to have been born.  Initially I was not teaching on a weekly basis.  With the big push toward conversion I am teaching every week–sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.  I’ve baked chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal scotchies, and this week my famous homemade sugar cookies. 

This week’s class gets the special cookies as I have been baking this morning for one of the hospice nursing homes.  I received an email last week from the volunteer coordinator looking for bakers.  Yesterday I went to Michael’s Crafts and found some leaf sprinkles and a few fallish type things that can be used to decorate the tables at the nursing home…all were 60% off and should be good to use clear through Thanksgiving.  In two weeks I’ll be baking again for their Halloween party.  One of the pluses of working the afternoon shift this week I was able to arrange a time for the Hospice coordinator to stop and pick up the cookies, the decorations and the 20+ gift bags I have assembled for them.  No handknitted items this time, but I’m sure they will enjoy what I have stuffed into the bags for them.

Looking for a small way to make a difference? 

Troy Turner
troyturner Icon_red_lock Read the article, and then donate your lunch money. You know as well as everyone else that you can stand to skip lunch!


How could I resist?  Think about it..or think about other small ways you might make a difference.  I think doing these types of things comes back to me ten fold.  I know that while I am doing things for Hospice I really feel my mom with me.  I know that she is very proud of my efforts for Hospice and I do it for really selfish reasons…it just makes me feel good. 

Send me some new cookie looks like I’m going to be baking cookies on a weekly basis for quite some time..and I love it!


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