It’s good to be home…

I can’t begin to put into words just how much fun I had surprising BlueTeddy for her 40th birthday weekend. From starting it off by waking her up by jumping on her bed to the lesbian hugs at the airport it was an adventure. If you haven’t seen the photos of the weekend event here are mine on Flickr…

It was an interesting trip for me for a number of reasons. It was the first time I flew out of DFW instead of in on a vacation. I can remember quite a few of those trips taking off for my then home, and crying, feeling like a part of me was always being left behind in Texas.

In the back of the taxi in the wee hours of the morning this weekend heading to Fort Lauderdale Beach I was struck by how different this trip felt. Instead of a week long oasis type trip from the cornfields of Ohio, I was having a quick weekend jaunt, and then back to Texas–back home. It was a total shift in perception of my time there.

It feels good to be home, back in Texas, back into my new life and routine. Work is crazy right now, but I seem to be taking it in stride for the most part (yes, I am still frustrated at times). It amazes me how much I have learned in a short period of time. It’s really stretched my skill set in new directions. I also see that as a big plus.

Personally, I chuckle at the subtle differences I am seeing. A bit of a change in the way I dress, in my hairstyle. Nothing major on the outside, but on the inside, there’s all sorts of things going on inside of my head.

I would not have missed this birthday celebration for the world. I even told them I needed off at my new job, and they understood and were flexible with my schedule so I could leave a little early, and come in a late. I see that as a trade off of the crazy schedules I’ve been working since moving to Texas. Being right in the middle of all of the fun and the surprises is a priceless one time event..that I would have been so sad to miss. Once again, reaching out and finding a way to make something work.

I did have a plan to go parasailing on Sunday—oh my, I could barely check out of the hotel and make it to the BT household to pass out on her couch. It’s still on my bucket list, and I’ll find a way to make it happen. But when it does happen, I want it to be at a time when I am feeling great and I can really be in the moment.

I loved getting to see Maria and Miguel again and getting to hug the stuffin out of them. It seemed natural to give Matt a big hug when I met him too. Thankfully his wife did not put the smack down on me…

There was a lot of alcohol being poured Saturday night..lots of crazy antics that I can remember some of..but most of all there was a lot of love in the room…not just for BT, but for each other. It was a celebration of life…

You know..that’s what life’s supposed to be about–in small ways or big ways try to find a way every day to appreciate all that’s around you. You know..hug the stuffin’ out of life!



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