Feeling buzzed…

I had a Coke tonight at dinner, nothing stronger than that. Yet I’m feeling a rush tonight, a buzz…that is more than likely going to kick my behind when I have to get up in the morning early and do day three of my training class.

But tonight—I left work around 4–after not having a lunch break and going to work early and headed to Fort Worth to Billy Bob’s. It was to be my first night time adventure to see a concert there. The drive from my house to Fort Worth is usually about 45 minutes. I knew I would hit traffic, I do live close to two major cities these days. While stuck in traffic I called my friend Carol and talked to her about the events happening in our lives and the old work place.

I met up with some friends to go to the concert, it started with dinenr at Billy Bob’s. We made our way to the table, pretty close to the stage and settled in to watch the opening act. Leeann Womack and friends. There were some young very talented artists with her and I found myself tapping my toes..and dancing around a bit in my seat. I love live music, and here I sat in the middle of an honest to goodness honky tonk listening to some great country music. I got the biggest kick out of the song Upper Class White Trash by Brice Lee. I’m going to need to track down the names of the other two artists that sang with Leann, I loved them.

Next to take the stage was Pat Green. I text messaged my youngest daughter to ask her if she had ever heard him before? She’s the country music fan in my family. She said yes, he sings Wave on Wave. That song I had heard of.

Pat Green was definitely not my mother’s version of country music, but most definitely my daughter’s brand of country music. I smiled at the exchange of text messages between us:

“Well aren’t you just a country music groupie now days?!”

“I want a pair of custom boots one of these days.”

She talked about her upcoming job interviews in the next few weeks, she’s tired of going to school..16 years is more than enough. My last message to her:

“I believe you can do anything.. 🙂 ”

It’s funny, some of the words I’ve said to my kids–like telling my oldest daughter to go for it when she talked about moving to Hawaii…telling my youngest she can do anything..are all thiings that apply to me and to my life as well. I think that finally sunk in and I took of on this crazy adventure of a life I find myself smack dab in the middle of in Texas…

I could never have imagined any of this…tonight Pat Green closed is show with Wave on Wave…I am not sure that I would have ever pictured myself sitting in the middle of Billy Bob’s on a Wednesday night grinning from ear to ear..tapping my toe and finally up on my feet dancing to the music at Billy Bob’s.

Yet there I was tonight…a few years ago I can remember having a bulletin board in my office with all sorts of JOY sayings and stickers. It was a bright and colofrul bulletin board…but I just didn’t feel any joy. No matter how hard I tried. The thing about joy..it just sort of washes over one..like a wave.

Tonight is another one of those perfect Texas nights that I want to press in my memory banks. I know that from this moment forward every time I hear that song Wave on Wave I will remember tonight and the total joy and pure delight about life that I feel right now.


One thought on “Feeling buzzed…

  1. Here are some answers to life’s musical questions …

    Lee Ann Womack
    brought her friends to the guitar-pull.
    “Call Me Crazy”

    They were Lee Brice
    “Upper Middle Class White Trash”

    Randy Houser
    “Anything Goes”

    Jamey Johnson
    “In Color” and “Give It Away”

    And then came Pat Green with his full band

    Pat Green has been nominated for Entertainer of the Year. Please cast a daily vote for Pat at:

    The pillar of the Texas Music scene is seeing Pat Green perform live at Billy Bob’s Texas, and this was one of his better shows.

    It was great to see Ann come alive to the music as a fan (instead of working the show like I did)

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