Texas State Fair…

I have heard a lot about the Texas State Fair and have really been looking forward to attending.  I was certainly not disappointed in my afternoon spent at the fair on Sunday..I was there until 10 and closed the fair down!

I didn’t have any of the fried specialties of this fair that include items like fried pineapple, fried peanut butter jelly and banana sandwiches or deep fried bacon.  I can’t imagine how much oil the place uses in any given day to fry that assorment of things up. 

The entertainment on the main stage was Kelly Pickler..she did a great job of entertaining the crowd.  I loved the people watching and really REALLY had to resist taking photos of people that made me chuckle in their fair attire.  What do I know, I’m from the cornfields?  Speaking of cornfields, there was a faux corn patch on the fairgrounds..  Seriously who would even be able to pretend that was a real cornfield?

I loved the exhibition building with all of the photography and crafty type prize winners.  The quilts were amazing, and I tended to focus on the handquilted quilts–I’m a purist, and am very impressed at tiny stitches done by hand.  Not one pair of knitted socks in sight, I am really thinking about doing an entry for the fair next year. Maybe that lace shawl that’s on my bucket list to accomplish?

I have the next round of gift bags ready for Hospice…I’ve also offered to bake some cookies for their fall party on October 17th.  I pulled out the needles and started a pair of slippers on Saturday night…I feel the need to do some mindless knitting.  I just need the clicking of the needles to help me keep in balance.

Brrrrrr…a cold front happening here this week..highs only in the high 70’s.  I’ll really try to deal with those low temperatures…is it any wonder I’m not anxious to put a pile of wool in my lap?

I bought a great book for a friend called “If” it’s a book of questions, there is also an If2 and If3.  If you are looking for some conversation starters, or a way to get to know someone a little better I’d really recommend this book.  I need to go back and buy myself a copy so I can have some great questions to end this blog.

Plan B, I Googled–I need some fun icebreakers for my class that starts tomorrow.  

If someone’s underwear were showing, would you tell him or her? or..and this really happened to me recently…if you were at a bar and someone at the next table was bent over and you could see their entire butt crack, would you tell them?



Photos from the Texas State Fair 

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