Act the part…

Your stories of life transitions are uplifting and encouraging, annohio, and they also make me curious.

How did you know you wanted to move from the cornfields to Texas in the first place? Did you live there at one time? And how did you acquire the courage and self-confidence to “chuck it all” and move? Where did you learn all this?

I ask because I’m ready for a change myself but don’t know how to make those first steps.


Wow, that’s certainly a great question.  Let’s hope I can come up with a great answer?  At the very least, here’s the mini-version of my story.

Five plus years ago I came to Texas for the first time.  A great friend asked if he could plan a few days of my trip and that journey took me through the hill country of Texas during bluebonnet season.  It was an a very enlightening experience.  I also spent a few days with my former boss and she toured me around the Dallas area, a trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards gave me such a feeling of belonging.  I felt that I was at home in Texas.  I’ve never had such an intense connection to a place in my entire life.  I fell in love with the place, the people…the feeling that is Texas.

I didn’t just happen to be in Ohio one day, and Texas the next day.  I came home from that trip and finished my bachelor’s degree.  I had been dragging my feet and had lost focus on any real clear goals in my life. I knew that I would need that degree in order to change jobs.  I also had to make some difficult life choices–and for a time put the dream on a back burner, hoping to heal other parts of my life.  That just didn’t work out, and in the end I made the decision to end a long term marriage.  It was traumatic to a lot of people in my life that I love. Mostly my ex-husband and my kids.  As a child of divorce I never wanted my kids to go through that.  I thought at 20 and 22 they would be able to deal with my decision.  It was so damn hard.  I cry as I type this as I remember the day I told them, and the disconnect I dealt with, and still battle with every day.  I love my daughters more than just about anything else in this world. I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years.  I never regretted a day of doing that. 

In the time the divorce happened, my mother became ill with e-coli and was in the hospital for months, she died on Christmas eve of last year.  2007 was definitely one of the most difficult years of my life.  There were times that I honestly didn’t think that I would survive.  What kept me going was the realization that during any time of major trauma in my life, on the other side of the event I came out in a better place and a better situation..that sure didn’t make it any easier.

At the beginning of the year my boss and I started reading the book The Secret together.  I had read a few other books that dealt with the law of attraction.  The first was The Science of Getting Rich, which really has very little to do with money.  My mantra became Ask, Believe, Receive.   Finally in June I set a goal to move to Texas in August.  I wanted one last summer with my college daughter, and I also wanted to be able to use vacation time to travel all over the US to meet friends face-to-face that I had met online.  I can’t begin to put a price on those trips and the people that I was able to hug the stuffin’ out of in person.

When I started putting into motion the things that I needed to do to make the move, things fell into place.  I truly believe that because I started *Acting the part* as if I was going to be in Texas that things happened.  I have no other way of explaining it.  What surprises me the most is how much better it is here than I ever imagined.  Is it perfect? Nope, I still have frustrations—you should have heard me whine while waitiing for my furniture.  :o)

My best advice for you…have an end goal, and start to build a plan in steps to work toward that goal.  Expect that there will be bumps along the way.  I received this quote in the mail today from a new web site I signed up for:

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© ®

I have a bulletin board in my office, a suggestion from the book The Secret.  On the board I have all sorts of photos and pictures–flight reservations..things that I want.  I plan to work on adding some of the remaining things from my bucket list to the board…

One thing that I do know for sure.  I could have never done any of this without support from my friends.  Both the face-to-face kind and the virtual kind of friends.  When I wanted to give up, there was always a phone call, a message an email that encouraged me to continue along this matter how trying the journey seemed at times. 

Your truly can do it….you just have to have a dream and believe.


One thought on “Act the part…

  1. Wow! A real, live personal reply! Thanks for responding, AnnOhio, for sharing your “secret” along with the later blog about seasons and forever.

    Obviously you’ve acquired a good network of friends and mentors the past five years, and that, I think, is your real “secret.” And it’s something nearly all of the rest of us can do, if we just put sufficient mental, emotional and time resources into it. Befriending begets friends.

    Have fun in Texas…maybe someday I’ll look up your travel agent myself! =)

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