Two months ago today…

Two months ago today I was on my way to St. Louis for a weekend with friends.  My last official work day at the college was July 31. I felt such a sense of euphoria when I walked out the door.  I am still amazed at the way things fell into place for my giant long hoped for move to Texas.  As I left the college that day I had a job offer in hand and had signed a lease on my new apartment.  It was a long trip to St. Louis, but the time in the car gave me time to collect my thoughts and to try to put into perspective the whirlwind of changes that had happened in the 2 previous weeks.

I never had a single doubt that this was a good move for me.  It was time to shake up my life, and to move toward my goal to move to Texas.  All in all 2008 was filled with things that I would have never thought at the beginning of 2008.  At that point I was filled with reasons to stay in Ohio and to not move on to Texas.  When I finally pictured myself in Texas, and started making steps in that direction my Texas life started to fall into place.

Those of you who have read this blog may know that 2007 was probably one of the most challenging years of my life. I started off the year in a very deep depression had a few highlights but some very low moments in 2007 as my mom got sick, my divorce happened, and the death of my mom.  That sadness lingered quite a bit into 2008.  It may be part of the reason why my blog posts became really sporadic.  I have never been one to post my down times and moments on my blog..what does that accomplish, and who really wants to read that sort of crap.

But my life’s made a major turn on a new path.  There are still parts of my heart in Ohio, and they will forever be there.  I still have friends and family there to visit–I’m really trying to reconnect with some of my online knitting buddies.  I feel like my life is back in some sort of balance again. Yes, there are a few challenges in Texas–but what would life be if everything was perfect and went along smoothly.  Boring…and I really don’t plan to have that word in my vocabulary again.

What does your heart desire? What are you holding back doing because of “buts” and “maybes”?  Take a few steps closer to the edge of the cliff, and think about just doing it.  What is the worst that can happen? I’m here to tell you that sailing over the edge and enjoying the view is one heck of a ride.




One thought on “Two months ago today…

  1. Your stories of life transitions are uplifting and encouraging, annohio, and they also make me curious.

    How did you know you wanted to move from the cornfields to Texas in the first place? Did you live there at one time? And how did you acquire the courage and self-confidence to “chuck it all” and move? Where did you learn all this?

    I ask because I’m ready for a change myself but don’t know how to make those first steps.


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