Some additional updates from my Fort Worth adventure…

You may find this hard to believe, but someone actually read my blog post yesterday? Who knew if I sent the link that someone would actually go there and see just what the infamous AnnOhio/TexAnnie had to say?

Ewen noticed that I forgot to share is Scottish Cowboy moment at Billy Bob’s.  We were doing a tour of the *Honky Tonk* testing our hands in the cement prints in the wall, looking at photos and he turned to Billy Joe and told him the he had been listening to some Doug Stone lately.  Not 5 minutes later we walked around a corner and Doug Stone’s name was being painted on the wall as someone who had recently recorded an album at Billy Bob’s.  Good grief, I hope the guy is not a mind reader or I am in BIG trouble!  :o)

I also now know that only Yankees spell it Ft.’s Fort Worth.  Last weekend red beans and rice and fried pickles and this weekend the proper spelling of Fort Worth.  I had no idea just how much culture I was going to be immersed in here in Texas. 

I love it…learning the differences between the cornfields and my new home.  Some that have really made me smile:

  1. I call it pop…here it’s Coke.  (Feck I love the sweet tea the best I am hooked on the stuff!)
  2. I don’t put ice in my drink unless it’s warm and needs chilled…that may just be an AnnOhio thing.
  3. Carry In does not mean you are expected to cook something up for a *doins* it means they are having it catered.
  4. Spread-I heard this one in training and my imagination thought of all sorts of things, in the cornfields that’s a carry in or a potluck dinner.

If nothing else, my life is never dull or boring here…and that’s a very good thing!


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