A memorable day…

September 11 is one of those days and events that forever is sealed in my mind, and the minds of many of my friends…Much like the day the Challenger blew up, when Kennedy was assassinated and even watching the Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show. (I’m old, shut up I was a mere child when that happened, but I still remember it.)  I’m an emotional kind of person, so you know that when people start tweeting, and blogging about their September 11 memories I get emotional.  I feel very blessed that I did not lose anyone that day…but as a country we lost a lot.

I was home this morning, I’m working the afternoon shift until 10 tonight so I can spend some time with some of the call center agents in off hours.  I’m ok with that now and then, kinda shakes my schedule up a bit.  It did give me time to meet with my new friend Sherry at Hospice.  She drove to my apartment complex to pick up the gift bags and the handmade slippers this morning.

Of course we greeted each other with a huggin’ the stuffin’ hug.  One of my goals when I moved to Dallas was to find a charity that I could interact with a little more hands on than my virtual charitable opportunities of the past.  The Hospice link came virtually, but I’ve been working on things for the patients/residents since arriving in Texas.  I’m new at this, and still trying to come up with ways to just brighten their days a bit.  The slippers were a big hit, and I will continue to knit them and to look for some different patterns for a little variety. 

It seemed fitting to do this today..a day to remember those we lost on that fateful day in September.  I do this as a celebration of my mother’s life and to thank Hospice for their help at the end.  Sherry brought me a list of all of the birthdays and names and addresses so I can begin to send cards.  It’s another way I wanted to give to this group of people.  You know me I’ll go through create a spreadsheet and have them all sorted by date so I can start sending cards.  (You know just how much I love to send cards!)

My sage word of advice for you today is to not just remember those who were lost today–today.  Take that energy and that focus and do something nice for those people in your life that are still here.  Don’t wait…life can change in a heartbeat. 

Sending a big Texas sized huggin’the stuffin’ hug your way.  Find a way to make a difference, even if it’s just a small one.  Open up more than your checkbook, your wallet, open up your heart…it’s much tougher to give from the heart.


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