The Social Media Object

“So Ann, why are you dragging a pair of giant panties across the United States to all of these tweet ups?”  This picture was part of @KnittWit was part of the crazy group of people that joined me last fall in taking 10 pictures for 30 days of our particular corners of the world.  I did a Flickr search for 10for30 tags and found 4,307 photos. That amazes me… It was yet another way to get to know people on my Twitter list a little better.  After the 30 days were over I still giggled at the photo of baby Grace with these giant panties over her head.  I sent a DM to @KnittWit and asked her to send me the giant panties. I wanted to come up with something fun to do with them.

One day in the mail a package came with three pairs of giant panties…(you are right @brendajos) the panties that are making the rounds are not the originals.  I don’t want to think about what may have happened to them.  I’ve seen recent photos of baby Grace so I know she wasn’t carried off in them.  My original idea was to send the panties off ala Flat Stanley.  About that same time Gnomad was launched–feck, there goes that idea.

I was scheduled for a trip to Austin to meet up with some Twitter buds.  I can remember before heading to dinner that night embroidering the date and location on the giant panties…@Mosqueda was keeping me company.  That was the official launch of the giant panties social media object..the panties took a trip to California for a gathering and an LRO pin became a new addition.

The next appearance of the giant panties was at SXSE.  The stories of the giant panties and the jokes surrounding them there, not to mention the giant pantie limbo are simply priceless.  The panties have been to DC, St. Louis, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Today as a few friends signed the panties at Pod Camp Ohio I realized that what I really love about being there when people sign the giant panties–their reaction–always smiles and laughter.  Probably second as people read the @ names and say “Hey, I know this person..they are on my Twitter list…”

You people are just plain goofy..signing giant underwear??? …and liking it?


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