Warming myself from the inside out…

It’s nearly the first of July in the cornfields….it’s warm and sticky out today. Tomorrow I ship off my box of handmade items to Dulaan…a total of 25 this year beats my total of 19 sent last year. This was my first attempt at a child’s sweater and I was so pleased at the way it turned out.

Quite a few people tease me about my *old lady* habit of knitting. Feck, you know I am far from old and have a lot of spunk left in me. I just have a need to give back and knitting keeps me from actually killing people so it’s all good..a win win situation.

My next round of charity knitting will be courtesy of @devBear and all of the amazing yarn that she sent to me.  It’s time to knit a few Rad Bad Beanies…

I’m off to Pod Camp Ohio in Columbus on Saturday.  You know I’m all about being social and can’t wait to meet some Twitter friends that will be in attendance.  Of course the giant panties will be there, as well as cookies that I promised to a special Twitter pal. Gettin’ my geek on big time!


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