Feck..when was the last time I was here to update?

Someone new requested to add me today on Twitter SkyDaddy…he’s a Buckeye too..opposite corner of the state, perhaps between the two of us we can keep things in balance. I asked how he would add to my life?

skydaddy @AnnOhio found you via @’s 2u from some of the 350 goodfolk I follow. Will I add to your life? read my tweets & blog. I yammer, you decide.

From that response…he may be a keeper. :o)

Not a peep on here about the GREAT time I had in St. Louis. When I was driving @geosteph and @fireton back to their hotel on Saturday night my voice was hoarse from laughing so hard. I got to meet some Twitter buds face-to-face for the first time @Brendajos @Tojosan @MountainDaisy @Mongo @GeekDave @meshee @craftyandcrap and Lord Byron. And some returning connecting with @geosteph @fireton and @preppydude. (We’ve really to got to stop meeting like this, people are starting to talk!)

I had such a great time, I’m going back to the St. Louis Social Hour on August 1. It’s one of the legs in the Farewell de Cornfields tour. (You know that corn doesn’t stay in the fields all year long!) I am looking forward to the special guided tours offered by the St. Louis boys to celebrate the event. I’ve even offered to bake homemade cookies to bring along in celebration!

I have a trip to Boston the last weekend in July to connect with a knitting buddy..so maybe my path will cross with a few of the Boston tweeters–we’ll see what I can fit into my schedule.

The St. Louis adventure was my first trip with Andrew my new GPS system. He was a wonder and makes me much more confident on these road trips.

Finally…I got to meet GeekDave! He was one of the original people on my Twitter list. I felt so honored when he finally added me. Little did I know just a year later I’d be in his kitchen sipping a glass of wine and watching him rolling out pizza dough and making the best pizza evah!

I still continue to be amazed at how many Twitter friends I continue to meet and enjoy and hug the stuffin’ out of…such a great group of people who brighten my days more than they can ever imagine. I am so humbled at times by this crazy, caring community of friends that surround me on a daily basis and who continue to let me be a part of their tweet stream…

August 1, Social Hour…Meet me in St. Louis one more time? :o)

I <3 this guy!

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