Words matter. So do you.

Wow, that’s quite a way to start my Sunday morning. For the most part, I use Twitter to interact with my 200 closest friends. I have a tendency to type the first thing that pops into my head. Len sent me a link this morning to a reading he did on his Kindle of his story Cold Turkey in Paradise: Twelve Days Off the Internet at Maho Bay.

From Len’s story: “I then turn to Twitter, the microblogging site that I’ve recently joined. Via posts of no more than 140 characters each, you can leave traces of your day, links to sites of interest, comments on others’ posts, or questions for the people following you. I post the following Tweet: Tempted to go Mac-less to Virgin Islands–12 days w/ sweetie–no Tweets or RSS. But I can’t stand missing chance to podcast from Paradise.

Within 10 minutes, a Twitterer whose username is AnnOhio posts this reply:

@LenEdgerly–just say no…disconnect no mac..no podcast…two tickets to paradise…don’t bother taking clothes either. :o)

That settles it. A personalized message in the middle of the night from a near-stranger somewhere in Ohio delights me into action. I film a video of myself announcing that my weekly Video Pod Chronicles will take a break for nearly two weeks. I edit the clip in iMovie and post it at blip.tv and Video Pod Chronicles. I record a similar announcement for my weekly audio podcast and post it at Audio Pod Chronicles. Having notified my audience of family, friends, and a few strangers, I shut down, close the laptop’s cover, and go to bed for a few hours of sleep.”

It’s been well over a year since my tweet by Len he’s made a return visit sans laptop, but I would give him the same advice today. First, I am humbled and amazed that someone would take a random tweet from me, and be inspired to not only leave the technology behind, but then to write about the adventure. For me this just reinforced my belief that as much as I love this technology, it’s great to disconnect, turn off and spend time exercising the social side of life. Time spent with family and friends hands down trumps time spent in a socnet.

I read a great story this morning on Tojosan’s blog about two twitter guys taking to the road to meet up with Tweeters all over the US. HOW FECKIN’ COOL IS THAT! I think that @jacklhasa and @scarab will be added to my Twitter stream for that reason alone. Twitter Travels, how many of us have dreamed about meeting Twitter friends face-to-face. These two guys are taking the Nike approach and just doing it!

I have a new traveling companion for my trip to St. Louis next week. I now have GPS on my phone and *Andrew* has been guiding me all over the past few days. For the most part I have gone to places that I already knew how to get to, but Andrew’s directions were much shorter than the route I would have selected. He may save me enough in gas to pay for him. Yeah, I think I’ll keep him. :o)

Counting down the days to my St. Louis adventure!


5 thoughts on “Words matter. So do you.

  1. Now you’ve got ME misty and blushing… Your trip sounds wonderful. We call our GPS friend “Mona the Map Girl.” So Mona says hi to Andrew and encourages him to guide you carefully and safely.

  2. Thanks for link but also for shouting out about Twitter Travels!

    Your share about Len is very cool. Glad you shared.

    Can’t wait to see you. Counting down the days.

  3. Hey Ann, thanks for mentioning us here! Glad we can provide some sort of value. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we enjoy writing about them!

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  5. Quite agreed! Sorry for the late comment. I’ve had some hard times of late with some personal matters, but they are clearing up slowly. ( Trouble in my relationship ) At any rate, thank you again for giving us a good word! ^.^

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