Meet me in St. Louis…

This time I will be taking a road trip in my new car to the Midwest Media Conference*If you Twitter, Pownce, Blog, Seesmic or Utterz- This is the conference for media related issues… Hosted by working professionals, it’s directed towards everyone interested in improving online media relations.*

Feck, am I smart enough to even get into this event? Perhaps I’ll crash the door by flashing the giant panties? You’re going, right? Meet me in St. Louis? I still need to make my hotel reservations, and map out my course…I know I’m just a little behind.

The boys from Kandahar are now home, so it’s time to focus on my next project. I received information about a virtual volunteer opportunity from VolunteerMatch that seemed to call to me, Beanies for Baghdad. What sort of things are they looking for?

What to send

  • Beanie Babies
  • Stuffed Animals
  • School Supplies
  • Frisbees
  • Balls
  • Sporting equipment in general
  • Small cars (hot wheels, matchbox and etc.)
  • Treats (individually wrapped)
  • Children in general like the same things everywhere. Many of these children have nothing so anything is a big deal to them.

  • The reason I like the idea of the Beanie Babies? My daughters collected them for years, long before they became the *hot* item and the frenzy occurred. This weekend I played let’s make a deal and traded my daughter payment for her summer lab fees for two classes on my campus for these, 94 beanie babies..many with the protective plastic on their tags. I plan to ship off the first shipment this weekend. I’m driving to St. Louis, so if you have some Beanies to donate, bring them and I’ll package them up with my shipments, or you can contact Beanies for Baghdad directly.

    Come on…GET SOCIAL!



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