A hodge podge of social things today

Two interesting tweets came across my Twitter stream today…

From Chris Brogan: If 150 of us gave this guy $10 for Cystic Fibrosis, we could hit his goal today: http://moourl.com/haa7z .I’m in. Are you? Pls retweet?

I was in the middle of something, but when I finished a mouse click took me here and I gave $10 for the cause..and went back to work. It was barely a hiccup in my day, and really simple to make a donation.

Another tweet came across to help a fellow Twitter person, CASizemore who suddenly lost his wife. I don’t know the story, just read a few of his last tweets and felt a tug at my heart.

If you feel the urge to help, please do, I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

I chuckled when I had a direct message from a fairly new Twitter Friend Sean Reiser.

nibbler hey… thanks for the inspiration for this.

(The ham radio thing made me think about Jeff Pulver. He kinda was into that ham radio stuff big time 🙂

It’s not unusual for me to post a message to Twitter that I’m sending out cards, who wants one? My last batch–just before the postage increase–was to send out 23 cards and 10 post cards last week. How the heck did I get to know so many people? It’s always fun to connect with Twitter friends in other ways, phone calls, snail mail and those great face-to-face meetings and Tweet Ups.

With just a little effort, you can make another person’s day. Nudge nudge nudge…doesn’t have to be a Twitter pal…a card, a post card a handwritten note. Might make their day and yours a little brighter.


I have received a lot of nice compliments on my newest avatar. The photo was taken during my trip to DC a little over a week ago. @geosteph and @fireton treated me like a queen during my stay with them. I have so many great memories from this adventure. They truly do know the way to lure AnnOhio into their car–SKITTLES! They met me at the airport, each with a bag of Skittles in hand.

The DC breakfast on Thursday morning was a hoot..getting my @ sign delivered in person by Jeff Hibbard, meeting so many of my favorite DC peeps GHBrett, ACarvin, ShashiB, ToniLyn, JonnyGoldstein and seeing Jeff Pulver again–he managed to capture a great photo of me..posted with my approval.

Friday I bonded with Steph at work, and got to meet igmom, lora and later in the week even connected with geokitten78. Sailing on Saturday, and hiking on Sunday with Steph and LoganDawg, what an amazing weekend.

Next stop St. Louis at the end of May. You’re going, right?

Get social!

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