Social Consciousness

For me, it’s not all about giant pantie limbo and wild and crazy times in Miami, or many of the other crazy Twitter meet ups I have been a part of. It also has a lot to do about the difference that the Twitter community can do to make small changes in the world.

I’m proud to have been a part of the Kandahar project. It made my day when I received an email from Danny earlier in the month:

I would like to tell you thanks for all you have done for our team over this past year, you have really made a difference in our lives during this deployment, you will be missed and I just want to thank you for all of us from Afghanistan. We will be going home around the 29th of this month.

Yes, this year has been full of surprises and some long days and nights, but one thing for sure you guys from the state really have helped us through it all.

Again, thanks and God Bless you.

I’ve been able to help quite a few worthwhile causes through links on Twitter. Some have been of individuals and some have been to raise money for specific causes. I never worried that my $5, $10 or $25 donation wasn’t enough to make a difference. I knew that as part of a combined effort it could go much further to ripple through and cause a change.

I’ve been looking around for my next project to support the military. I found a group called Beanies for Baghdad. I’m not so sure I will be knitting any bears, but I can certainly start collecting a few beanies and fun stuff to ship out for a good cause. I still have my usual knitting charity projects under way as well.

My life is busy and crazy, but I’ve found that I can latch on to some *virtual volunteer* opportunities through VolunteerMatch (that’s where I found Beanies for Baghdad).

I’m always picking things up from the Twitter timeline..that’s how I heard about and many other organizations that are just a click away to make a difference with a small amount of money.

How about you? What are you doing to make a difference? Is there a worthwhile cause that I’m missing out on?

2 thoughts on “Social Consciousness

  1. Well hi there! Didn’t know you had this place – very nice! Hope this finds you well and best wishes for a wonderful day!

  2. You might be interested in checking out One Home Many Hopes — besides having a fabulous name, it’s an amazing organization that is making a real difference in the lives of young girls in Kenya.

    It’s a hard life for an orphaned girl in Kenya, made harder by the post-election violence and the near quadrupling of food prices. Check it it – you might find OHMH as compelling and touching as I do.

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