What is that AnnOhio up to now?

It’s no secret that the part I love best about the term *social media* is social. I’ve been tagged more than a few times with the title of Twitter social butterfly. (NewMediaJim once told me I was the Mae West of Twitter, that’s a story in itself!)

I attended my first social media Pulver Breakfast last Friday (in my honor no less :o) I loved the breakfast, had such a great time but reflecting later in the day I thought about the people around the table that I was not able to get to talk to, or get to know a little more about them aside from the *media* part of all of this. (I was able to give Jeff a huggin’ the stuThe ultimate *social object* the famous giant panties!ffin’ out of you hug!)

I was lucky later in the weekend to be a part of the first ever SXSE with a mixture of new Twitter buds, Twitter buds I have met before and people who have been my friends for a number of years. I came away with that with the realization that we are friends, plain and simple.

Last night I had the chance to spend over 6 hours talking to my friend Mike Neumann. When in our busy lives do we have a chance to sit down one-to-one to have a real life conversation with someone we have gotten to know in 140 characters or less?

I can’t take credit for the lightbulb moment for this blog. Once again a nudge from PreppyDude sent me racing along this path to encourage people to *get social* There are Pulver Breakfasts, Social Media Breakfasts, Podcamps and huge assortment of geek ups.

It’s time to *Get Social*…a room full of people or a one-to-one conversation, put the technology aside and take some time to really get to know a friend. I know, very low tech idea, but an idea that you will find to be so very rewarding.

Bring your stories here, your Utterz, your Seesmic moments, or perhaps just plain old text expressing your thoughts on *getting social* and how you made it happen.

Huggin’ the stuffin’ out of you for stopping by.


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